Debojit Kaushik

Debojit Kaushik

Hello, I am Debojit and I am a Software Engineer in Data with Anthem AI in Chicago. I work with building event-driven reliable, scalable distributed systems/software and aide Data Science/Deep Learning teams 'work'. Additionally , I do composition/arrangements and play guitars with my music project EVENODD. It is a Progressive Rock/Metal outfit. Reach out to me if you want to discuss ideas or just talk!

You can reach me at my Email, which is:
concatenate(my_first_name, '.', my_last_name, 32/2) at gmail dot com

Tools I use:

Python • Django • ReactJS • NodeJS • npm • Gulp • Android • Swift4/iOS • ARKit • Java/ Spring • Docker • Django Rest Framework • Gunicorn • API • Bash • GIT • AWS • Gitlab/Jenkins CI • Message Brokers • Linux • Nginx • NoSQL • MySQL • Selenium • Data Structures • OOP • Automated Testing • Distributed Computing paradigms • GraphQL


  • - Working with APIs, engineering data consumption pipelines, web architectures, mobile applications.
  • - Building new projects which haven't been completely solved yet.
  • - Formulating new solutions that can impact people around me and
  • - When I am not coding, I write music and compose, play and release music (after taking out time for studio!). I am currenlty working on making short movie background scores, along with my second album. You can checkout my first album on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud
  • - I also love trying new food out. My favorite cuisines are south-east asian cuisines like Japanese, Korean and Chinese food. You may find me trying out new food places in and around Chicago. :)

Things I have worked on:

IRIS: Speech to Code assistant

Skills: PythonElectronJSRabbitMQNLPParsing

Description: English to Python code converter using Electron JS client and VS Code extension


  • Designed/Ideated the three part architecture: ElectronJS Assistant window, Python NLP engine, VSCode Extension. Coded python module for API calls and integrations.
  • Code asynchronous message broking between components, using RabbitMQ
  • Empirical Analysis of CD/CD pipelines

    Skills: PythonPyGal/SeabornScriptingGithub Rest APIParsingLearning, Clustering

    Description: CI/CD pipeline analysis tool to generate reports and analyze pipeline properties for over ~900 Jenkins files.


  • Programmed a parser to parse 900 Jenkins settings file written in Groovy to perform analytics on it
  • Developed efficient Python scripts to clean and parse large data & computed different metrics like frequency and averages
  • Extracted insights by generating word clouds from unstructured data using K-Means Clustering model
  • Alethea: Data Ingestion, Visualization Pipeline

    Skills: PythonPyGal/ReChartsReactJSMachine LearningParsingData Cleaning

    Description: Collecting socio-economic data about City of Chicago and performing learning and analytics for insights.


  • Designed and developed an end to end data ingestion pipeline of large public data set from City of Chicago and performed scraping, cleaning, pre-processing and explored learning models. Performed all ETL procedures
  • Built visualization dashboard in React JS and using ReCharts
  • GIT-alyzer

    Skills: PythonPyGal/SeabornScriptingGithub Rest APIParsing

    Description: Github Patch analysis tool to generate reports and analyze changes in patch files for over 15000 patch files.


  • Wrote a parser which tokenizes and analyzes static code in patch files in terms of what was removed and added.
  • Generated visualization reports based on the parser results.
  • Used SCRUM methodology for project management and delivery.
  • Gitlab + Jenkin CI Test automation and code coverage

    Skills: JenkinsGitLabDockerGithub Rest APIPythonGroovyJaCoCo

    Description: Continuous Integration Pipeline. Streamed Github APIs into provate Gitlab server and ran tests on it.


  • Automated set up of private Gitlab and Jenkins server in Docker and continuous testing/integration of repositories
  • Developed Python/Groovy scripts for mirroring GitHub repositories into local Gitlab server, created jobs, and web-hooks
  • Developed code analyzer using data from GitHub API, generated code coverage reports using JaCoCo and Understand software
  • ARYouThereYet

    Video Demo

    Skills: Swift4iOSARKitGoogle Places APIMapBox

    Description: Augmented reality iOS app which shows places around you in real time and real relative position/orientation through the camera. Uses Apple ARKit.


  • Developed iOS app in augmented reality to locate objects using Google place API
  • Applied Apple ARKit and SceneKit to improved memory management in the app by 30% using Swift 4
  • Solved Augmented Reality challenges of scaling & node creation using novel mathematics & multi-threading geometry
  • Here Comes The Sun

    Video Demo

    Skills: C#Unity3DHTC VIVEOpen Exoplanet Archive

    Description: Data Visualization Software in Virtual Reality. VR environment to analyse mutiple extrasolar systems WRT our solar systems. Applied real physics like rotation, revolution, size etc.


  • Designed and developed a VR environment in C#, Unity3D to analyze planetary systems and their spatial distance
  • Wrote efficient Python scripts to clean and parse large data, computed scientific properties to simulate planet trajectories
  • Implemented active physics and events listeners like speed, radius, luminosity for planetary systems
  • Hireasy

    Skills: React NativeReactJSAndroidRedux

    Description: Recruitment application. Candidate screening using video responses. Written in React Native.


  • Introduced and created apps using React-Native, which allowed to build cross platform app in a single sprint
  • Completed and delivered application development in record less than 3 months
  • Implemented Redux for state management using the observer pattern
  • Founder API

    Skills: PythonDjangoDjango Rest FrameworkAWSDesign Patterns

    Description: Back-end + Infrastructure for REST API on AWS using Django for Android/iOS application which connects entrepreneurs in Delhi NCR. The live repository is the property of Grappus. This repo is justa clone of the last working version I worked on.


  • Single-handedly designed and developed REST API using Python/Django and implemented SCRUM project planning
  • Refactored code and database queries faster access and response up to 30%
  • Formulated and implemented N-tier architecture on Amazon Web Services (AWS cloud) to balance scale to cost ratio
  • Recommendations

    Artists I listen to:

    • Tool, Karnivool, Dead letter Circus, Snarky Puppy, The Pineapple Thief, Hiatus Kaiyote, Monuments, Skyharbor, Periphery, Steven Wilson, Porupine Tree, The Contortionist, Animals as leaders, Intervals, Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, Tesseract, Tigran Hamasyan, Incubus, Hanz Zimmer, Guthrie Govan - to name a few.

    Books I recommend reading:

    • Sapiens: A brief history of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, Designing Data-Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann, The Self-taught Programmer by Cory Althoff, Twentieth-century harmony by Vincent Persichetti - are some books off the top of my mind.


    I released my debut album with Evenodd in January 2018. We managed to encompass a myriad of feels that we have been influenced by over time. They range from progressive metal riffs, to spacey passages. If you think you like what that sounds like, give it a listen.

    "Evenodd are providing some of the most sublime, star-gazing prog you’ll hear from an Indian band on their debut album Sapiens. They meticulously build an astounding structure of flow on their nine-minute Blue, which encompasses modern prog as well as ethereal passages." -- The Hindu, Jan 2018
    "Possibly taking a page from the likes from American prog band The Contortionist and closer home, Skyharbor, Evenodd know how to incorporate intelligent sonic shades with subtlety." -- Anonymous

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